Today's challenges faced with the most advanced 3D printing technologies

Dare to beyond is willingness to dare, focused on manufacturing and prototyping with 3D printing. We are committed to best meet the needs of particularly demanding industries, offering a cutting-edge and advantageous service.

Dare to beyond is a project driven by the desire of anticipating what’s next, bringing to the table all the experience gained over the past years in other businesses by a group of well-established entrepreneurs in different industries. Such a thing was possible only by investing energies, resources and commitment in R&D and quality check.

Dare To Beyond - 3D printing with most advanced technologies

Dare to beyond is our response to the needs of companies that operate in the most different fields, to whom we ensure great production capacity and nothing but the best in terms of quality, speed and endless customization, thanks to our in-house team of experts in consulting, design and planning.

Dare to beyond has a sustainable approach to production and resource management, only possible by adopting processes with low environmental impact and lean culture.

Dare To Beyond - 3D printed thermoplastics

All the advantages of 3D Printing process combined with our great production capacity and endless possibilities of customization

We produce components of all kinds, even the most complex, using the latest generation of 3D printing equipment, capable of shaping any design and producing it in large amounts, all trackable, in 7 working days.

We can also provide the customer with the expertise of an in-house engineering staff and the advice of technical experts upon request, a valuable aid in identifying the most suitable material for the characteristics and intended use of the component to be made.

We can also operate through reverse engineering processes, i.e. replicating components with any shape by 3D printing them in order to reproduce parts that are no longer available on the market, e.g. discontinued, or to replace plastic or metal components originally made using traditional manufacturing techniques.

We can have each individual piece made in a different color, a different brand, a different code, and so on, with no limit on quantity or additional cost.

3D printing, along with allowing us to make particularly complex components, allows us to limit the amount of material to be used for production to the bare minimum, giving those who rely on us a significant economic advantage, and to modify a component when production has already started without stopping it, saving on time and therefore also money.

We also provide a post-production service. Depending on requirements, we subject 3D printed parts to surface finishing, tumbling, painting and coating processes with composite fibers or other material. We also perform assembly of components if needed.

Dare To Beyond - Let’s start with an idea for 3d printing

Let’s start with an idea or a finished design.

Dare To Beyond - Let’s discuss details and specifications of 3D printing

Let’s discuss details and specifications that suit the most.

Dare To Beyond - Let'make it 3D printing

Let’s make it!


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    Masters of plastics. We can recommend the most suitable for your needs

    Our range extends from eco-friendly, biodegradable, plant-derived materials to the most technologically advanced ones like carbon fiber reinforced, to flexible ones, transparent, heat or chemical resistant and the list goes on: you name it, we’ve got it!

    The most commonly used materials are.

    • PA12
    • PA12 glass-filled
    • PA12 fiber-reinforced
    • PA aluminum-filled
    • PA11
    • ABS
    • PP
    • ASA
    • PC
    • PC-ISO
    • Nylon 12
    • ABSESD7
    • ABS-M30
    • ABS-M30i
    • PC-ABS and many more

    An extraordinarily rich offer thanks to the mastery of the most versatile and advanced 3D printing techniques

    FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling

    A technique used to produce parts with excellent mechanical and precision properties, suitable for printing prototypes and production tools with a wide range of high-performance thermoplastic materials. Allows monolithic parts and parts to be assembled and subjected to surface finishing treatments
    Recommended for UV and salt spray resistant parts, parts with high mechanical and thermal resistance, biocompatible and sterilizable products, assembly jigs, tools, finished parts.

    SLS – Selective Laser Sintering

    High-productivity technique, ideal for printing aesthetic and functional prototypes and for mass production with various high-performance materials. Allows production of parts with complex mesh structures, homogeneous surface finishes, excellent resolution and edge definition.
    Recommended for parts resistant to impact, high temperatures and chemicals, structural mechanical parts, jigs and fixtures, machinery components, food contact parts.

    MJF – Multi Jet Fusion

    A technique that provides high productivity with reduced time, optimal for prototyping and production of finished parts. It uses technology developed by HP that, through selective dosing of melting and detailing agents, operates selective powder fusion with highly delineated geometries. It enables the production of parts with ultra-thin layers of high quality and extreme precision, with smooth surfaces, low porosity and high density.
    Recommended as an alternative to injection molding, for prototypes, mechanical components, tubes and manifolds, parts with high mechanical strength, and items subject to heavy wear.

    DLP – Digital Light Processing

    Technique for production where the highest fidelity and surface quality is required, excellent for making durable parts with precision and repeatability. Can replace traditional urethane molding and casting processes. Enables prototyping and production of finished parts quickly and cost-effectively.
    Recommended for functional prototypes and conceptual models, investment casting patterns, elastomeric parts, sealing elements, hoses, gaskets and shock absorber components, heat-resistant elements.

    A constantly growing reliable partner for the most demanding and different industries

    The Beyond project was born from the desire to bring the most advanced 3D printing techniques into the production environment, making these wonderful technologies understandable and usable. Once we have discussed together the needs to be met, we will provide advice on the way forward to achieve the best result and directly follow up with production, returning to the customer only the solution to the problem in the smoothest and most straightforward way possible.

    The areas to which we address our production today are mainly those of of mechanical engineering, furniture production, precision industry and electronic industry, and many others still to explore.

    Some examples that best describe what we do and how we do it

    Our expertise is best described by the products we make, challenges met and won thanks to the commitment and the ability to constantly reinvest the technological knowledge acquired in further innovation.